Web Application for Streamlined Drug Development Insights


Client Background and Business Context 

Our client, a top American consulting firm, specialized in the fields of pharma, biotech, and medical devices. With a track record of excellence, they embarked on a project with a visionary scope: the creation of a modern web application that could project a precise and comprehensive image of the current state of drug development and clinical trials. This was to be achieved through state-of-the-art low latency dashboards and reports.

Project Scope 

The project was ambitious, covering multiple facets of information aggregation and processing. It involved gathering and processing data from diverse sources, including open repositories like clinicaltrials.gov. The application was designed to provide users with the flexibility to input data directly through the interface. It also encompassed the critical task of monitoring news from public and private sources, as well as the inclusion of manual insights from seasoned analysts in the pharma industry.


The technology stack included Java, Spring, .NET (C#), MongoDB (noSQL), Azure DevOps for CI/CD, cloud services, Angular, and Telerik. The project adhered to the Agile methodology, ensuring adaptability and continuous improvement throughout development.

Services Provided 

Our team contributed end-to-end services, from ideation, concept creation, and business analysis to UI/UX design, development, testing, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Challenges Solved 

On the business side, ideation and concept development were crucial. Technically, defining a coherent data structure that could accommodate data from various sources was a complex task. Additionally, ensuring that the project met immediate operational needs while aligning with long-term strategic objectives was a significant delivery challenge.

Benefits for Our Customer 

The client's vision of democratizing access to pharma intelligence and expediting scientific progress was realized through the platform. It also introduced a new revenue stream into their strategy by offering the application as SaaS. The platform significantly reduced operational costs, shifting manual reporting work from analysts to the platform. This allowed analysts to focus more on high-value activities like tracking market trends, networking, and participation in industry conferences.

Next step?

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