Real-Time API for Self-Care Banking Channels


Client Background 

Our client, a leading bank with a significant footprint in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), boasts operations supported by a dedicated workforce of over 45,000 employees and serves an extensive customer base exceeding 14 million.

Project Scope 

The project at hand revolved around the evaluation and implementation of a real-time API. This API was designed to empower the bank's self-care channels, encompassing mobile and web platforms, with the ability to seamlessly search and aggregate through vast volumes of customer transactions, measured in terabytes.

Challenges Faced 

The challenges were multifaceted, demanding a rigorous evaluation of numerous options for indexing and searching through colossal datasets, in addition to exploring various avenues for implementing the REST end-point. The ultimate objective was to select a technology stack that would deliver high throughput, low latency, and swift response times.


The chosen technology stack featured Cassandra, Java, and REST.

Results Achieved

Our collaboration yielded transformative results for the bank, as they successfully deployed a real-time API to empower their self-care channels with the ability to search and aggregate through extensive customer transaction data. By leveraging Cassandra, Java, and REST technologies, the solution achieved high throughput, low latency, and rapid response times, elevating their digital capabilities and enhancing customer experiences.

Next step?

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