Leading bank in CEE with old infrastructure



Client Background 

Our client, a prominent bank that dominates Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), operates with an impressive workforce of over 45,000 professionals and serves more than 14 million delighted customers.

Project Scope 

The project was centered on igniting innovation by migrating the bank's applications to the cloud, ushering in a game-changing shift. The objective was to enable the client's applications to soar to new heights in the cloud realm, delivering unprecedented performance, seamless scalability, and rock-solid security.

Technologies & Methodologies 

The technologies involved encompassed Java and Quality Assurance (QA), while the methodologies adopted were Agile and Scrum. The services provided revolved around DevOps.

Platform Users 

This migration impacted a staggering 2,300,000 platform users.

Challenges Faced 

The challenges were multifold. On the technical front, the successful migration of all application functionalities to the new cloud environment was a pivotal challenge. Delivery-wise, the task was to ensure the seamless migration of all applications within the project's scope. Additionally, the project aimed to unlock the client's full digital business potential through cloud migration.

Benefits for the Customer 

The migration to the cloud breathed new life into the client's applications, transforming them into modernized, scalable, and rock-solid systems. The business impact included faster execution times, resulting in shorter loading times for customers, and reduced operating costs. Enhanced security measures were implemented to safeguard client accounts.

Customer Feedback 

"I would like to thank all of you for the hard work and patience! It was quite a journey! We learned a lot and I'm sure the next migrations will become smoother and smoother! Now it's time to celebrate!"

Next step?

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