Flywire reinvents sending and receiving cross-border payments

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Project Overview

Flywire is a global payments company that offers a platform for sending and receiving cross-border payments. The platform provides a streamlined process for international payments, with the ability to pay in local currencies, support for multiple payment methods, and real-time tracking of payments. 

Flywire’s platform is used primarily by educational institutions, healthcare providers, and businesses, enabling them to receive payments from customers and partners located in different countries.​


  • Adding enhancements/features to applications used by multiple clients with different design and UX preferences requires agility and ownership of the development process.​
  • Taking ownership also involves adapting to changing priorities and team composition, which can be impacted by staff turnover.​
  • Adapting to legacy technologies and developing new features with limited resources can pose significant challenges.​
  • Work within the constraints of the existing infrastructure and technology stack to maintain the overall integrity of the applications.​
  • Adjustments to clients and partners were required to accommodate their constantly evolving needs​.
  • Because of the dependencies between the teams, collaboration across verticals and the core platform was necessary to achieve successful enhancement.​ 


  • Payables - Provides clients with the ability to send Payments to different intermediaries​​
  • User verification - Integrated with third party systems so that schools can automatically verify a beneficiary’s BANK details​
  • Review process - Implemented feature to allow reviewing / leaving comments/ approving / rejecting a bundle of Payments or a beneficiary. Including the ability to have multiple approvers and more complex review logic​
  • Payment/Beneficiary import - Provides universities and travel companies (and many others) the ability to import files with multiple Payments or beneficiaries at once, instead of having to import them one by one​
  • Upgrade to the latest versions of Node.js, React and Spring Security to provide better security and performance​
  • Automated regression​ 

Team Members

14 colleagues covering the following roles:

  • KAM
  • Project Manager
  • Java Backend Developers
  • React/ Angular Frontend Developers
  • QA manual & automation 

Tech Stack

  • SpringBoot
  • Thymeleaf
  • Broadleaf 
  • jQuery
  • React
  • TestNG
  • Apache
  • Selenium
  • Cucumber
  • Mokito
  • JUnit


  • Our collaboration with the client has extended beyond a year and we have a roadmap in place for the current year. 
  • During this time, we have successfully achieved several objectives such as enhancing requirements clarity, expediting delivery timelines, improving automated regression, delivering POCs, and extending older technology with new ones through incremental updates and integrations. 
  • The platforms have grown significantly as a result of our joint efforts, objectives, and goals.
  • Thanks to our long-term partnership and advanced product knowledge, we can ensure flexibility by promptly adapting and implementing end-users' requests.
Daniel Șfița
Daniel Șfița