Empowering Efficiency in Real Estate

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Client Background 

Our client, a scale-up at the intersection of PropTech and FinTech, specializes in equity release for real estate owners aged 55 and older. They prioritize a unique co-owner relationship with their customers, delivering honest and transparent advice and fostering trust in their services.

Project Scope 

The project's central focus was the development of the Dashboard for the Customer Portal, serving as the main hub for users to access their account details. This required the ability to publish content to any frontend or framework with API-powered flexibility, create and edit content in real-time via Visual Editor's live preview, streamline content creation across multiple sites with flexible, global components and content types, and offer multilingual experiences with in-app internationalization tools.


The technology stack encompassed React, Storybook, Reach Query, Storyblok, and TypeScript.

Challenges Solved 

The challenges were multifaceted, ranging from ensuring compatibility with all major browsers and usability tailored to the target audience to achieving a minimum of 80% unit test coverage and maintaining mobile responsiveness. Additionally, the project demanded documentation, and the critical requirement was that under any load, any page must be fully rendered within 5 seconds.


The project's implementation and testing resulted in two dashboard views for different user categories, along with comprehensive solution documentation. This transformative work provided clients with a more reliable, faster, and secure platform, elevating their ability to address their equity release needs.

Business Impact

The implementation of two dashboard views, categorized for specific user needs, and the extensive documentation of the solution brought about profound business benefits. Clients can now confidently rely on a much more reliable, faster, and secure platform to address their equity release needs. This elevates their ability to make informed decisions and navigate the world of real estate ownership, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Next step?

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