Elevating B2C Booking for Gekko, a Leading Online Hotel Reservations Pioneer


Client Background 

Gekko, an European leader in online B2B hotel reservations since 2009, has earned the trust of over 600 major companies and 14,000 travel agencies. Their reach spans 180 countries, and they specialize in delivering IT solutions for the leisure and corporate travel industry, uniting experts and technology to provide renowned services.

Project Scope 

The project entailed the development of a white-label B2C booking web application for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. This adaptable and configurable platform connects users seeking accommodations for specific events, such as the Olympics, with the best offers, taking into account proximity to the event and other criteria to enhance the booking experience.

Technologies & Methodologies 

The technological stack included Java, Angular, and Automation Quality Assurance (QA). The project adhered to Kanban methodologies.

Platform Users 

The platform initially catered to over 100,000 users, with forecasts indicating a significant increase to 800,000,000 users.

Challenges Solved 

The challenges encompassed both business and technical aspects. From a business perspective, the primary challenge was improving the user experience in booking accommodations suitable for specific contexts, such as events, with a focus on accommodation proximity. Delivery-wise, the project had to adapt to various business needs and provide flexibility for different events or partners. On the technical front, the monumental challenge was to cater to an overwhelming influx of users simultaneously accessing the website.


The project's solution was scalable and efficient, allowing for quick adaptation to different partners without the need for developing a new application for each onboarded partner. This marked a significant transition for our client, as they ventured into the B2C space, expanding their expertise from B2B to B2C.

Customer feedback

"We are delighted to work with very talented and invested people. The dedication of all is what make our projects successful. We look forward to a long-term partnership between our two companies where everybody will be able to grow as persons and colleagues." - Gekko

Next step?

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Daniel Șfița
Daniel Șfița