Driving Efficiency in Banking with IBM Business Process Manager

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Client Background 

Our client, a prominent bank with a significant presence in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), operates with a dedicated workforce of over 45,000 employees and serves more than 14 million customers.

Project Scope 

Our involvement centered on Development and Service Creation using IBM Business Process Manager within the intricacies of the banking environment.

IBM Business Process Manager 

IBM Business Process Manager serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly business process management (BPM) platform. It encompasses both the tools for process design and execution, and the capabilities for monitoring and optimizing work within the platform. Designed with the aim of enabling process owners and business users to directly engage in the enhancement of their business processes, it's a critical component for efficiency.


The technological underpinnings of this project included IBM Process Server, IBM Process Designer, SOA Software, BPEL, Java, REST, SoapUI, MQ, and Jenkins.

Results Achieved

The outcome of our work in deploying IBM Business Process Manager within the banking environment was a significant improvement in efficiency and process management. With this robust BPM platform in place, the client's operations were optimized, and their workforce was better equipped to engage in the ongoing improvement of business processes. This project exemplified the transformative impact of technology and BPM solutions in the banking sector, fostering a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement.

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