AI in Publishing, A Success Story


Project Overview

Our journey with Izzard Ink Publishing began when they sought to optimize their operations using AI-based solutions. The challenge was to streamline royalty payments for authors and provide tools to enhance the writing experience. They were looking for a tech partner with proven expertise in AI and software development.

Client background & business context

Izzard Ink is a self-publishing company that offers a variety of services to help authors get their books published, including editing, design, marketing, and distribution. They also offer a variety of publishing packages to fit different budgets and needs. 

They offer a combination of self-publishing and traditional publishing services. This gives authors the flexibility to choose the level of control and involvement they want in the publishing process.

Some specific services they offer are: 

  • Manuscript assessment and action plan
  • Professional editing and proofreading
  • Custom book design and layout
  • Marketing and distribution services
  • Print-on-demand (POD) printing
  • ISBN registration
  • Bookkeeping and royalty reporting


Starting in February 2021, we embarked on a transformative mission with Izzard Ink Publishing. Our goal was ambitious: to develop automated solutions that would enhance the entire publishing process. We began by creating an automated royalties payment tool, reshaping a previously time-consuming task. 

Furthermore, we introduced an AI-enabled platform that reads manuscripts and performs sentiment analysis. This tool empowers authors to refine their writing, elevating content quality to new heights. We intricately integrated six distinct machine learning models, encompassing 104 languages and 110 million parameters, into this platform, offering valuable analytical insights.

Our collaboration extended beyond core development. We revamped Izzard Ink Publishing's website, amplifying its digital presence and also worked on automation tasks and digital projects that made Izzard Ink's daily work easier.

Team members

Our approach to project management is characterized by excellence and transparency. The collaboration involves a dedicated team of at least 10 resources, including two project managers. Weekly meetings, alongside communication through emails and cloud-based documents, ensure alignment and progress tracking. Our flexibility and accommodation of Izzard Ink's schedule have been highly commended.


  • Python
  • AI/ML Frameworks (NumPy, Pandas, scikit-learn)
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Azure DevOps 
  • Visual Studio Code
  • AI Models (BERT & GPT 3/4)

Results and Impact

The royalties payment process, which previously required 1-2 days, now takes less than an hour, resulting in significant efficiency gains. Through process automation, Izzard Ink Publishing has saved the equivalent of 1-2 full-time employees.

The AI-powered sentiment analysis tool has revolutionized content creation for authors. The ability to analyze sentiments in 104 languages offers a considerable advantage in refining written material. The result is not just improved writing but also an empowered community of authors who can portray their narratives more effectively.

Our collaboration with Izzard Ink Publishing underscores the significance of clear project articulation. Open communication and responsiveness play a pivotal role in attaining project success. Furthermore, our commitment to setting realistic expectations and thorough project research before undertaking them ensures alignment of capabilities with aspirations.

As we continue this journey, both parties acknowledge that AI's potential in publishing is still being explored. The accomplishments attained thus far offer a glimpse of the boundless opportunities ahead, with AI poised to drive even greater innovation and efficiencies in the realm of self-publishing.


Our partnership with Izzard Ink Publishing exemplifies how AI can revolutionize publishing processes. Through automating royalties payments, refining content creation, and enhancing operational efficiencies, AI has redefined what is achievable. As technology converges with creativity, this success story underscores the potency of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of publishing.

Next step? 

At, we are ready to help the client undergo a technology-driven transformation.

Let's shape the future together with technology-driven success!

Daniel Șfița
Daniel Șfița