Successful AI Rollout in Enterprise Environments

balancing cost and value in AI projects post PoC

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Theodor Dimache

Technical Director /

Theodor Dimache has seamlessly transitioned from a product manager to a proficient software developer and architect. His expertise includes Data and Web solutions, with a focus on delivering top-tier Analytics and Business Intelligence Solutions. His forte lies in holistic data handling, code mastery, and astute problem-solving. Guided by a tech-forward mindset, he leads the enterprise's adaptation to the dynamic demands of the 21st century.

Olimpiu Pop


Olimpiu Pop is a technology executive, who balances his tech savviness with a focus on people and their wellbeing. A constant explorer of new technology trends, he enjoys digesting and spreading knowledge through podcasts or written articles. He is a strong believer in the power of communities and open source, getting involved in technical community building and curating content for conferences as program committee. Even though he started working with Java in the days of the 1.4 JDK, lately he explored other ecosystems like JS and Go continuously trying to learn other languages and paradigms.

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