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Well, it was a Friday afternoon, cold weather and a group of techies. What a better idea than a video games night, right?! It all started from an invitation “Man, we should play a game sometime!” and from there, we proposed an invitation for all our colleagues for a games night, to have some fun and enjoy a Friday evening.

The idea seemed appealing for most of us and so we went on with organizing the party, we even got a PS4 and couple of games. We ended up staying for 6 hours playing our childhood favorite video games, from Starcraft and Counter Strike, to newer games, like Fifa 18, Mortal Kombat or World of Tanks, everything in a very relaxing and chill atmosphere.

As the aftermath, everything was great, people had a good time, got the opportunity to relax and end the week with good vibes. I am confident that we will have this kind of event again soon, with even more participants.

— Alex Puiu, Attitude in motion specialist

Mindit Game Night
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