Apps development for one of Romania’s most dynamic telco companies


Client Background & Business Context 

Simartis, a dynamic company established in 2004, has been a leading player in the Telco market, offering innovative products and services. Their commitment to creating long-term value for mobile operators through cutting-edge solutions has been unwavering. As a part of their journey towards continuous improvement, they embarked on a transformative project in collaboration with our team.

Project Overview

Our partnership with Simartis involved the development of Telco Apps, aimed at enhancing their dynamic offerings. Simartis, a company dedicated to empowering mobile operators, sought to expand their operations and customer reach through innovative, state-of-the-art applications.

Challenges Faced 

Just like Simartis, we understand the importance of embracing innovation while ensuring seamless integration and quality. Challenges such as achieving greater agility, standardization, business continuity, and security were at the forefront of our considerations.

Our Approach 

To align with the evolving tech landscape, we adopted a methodology that echoed the principles of agility and efficiency. By collaborating closely and putting in place agile teams, we navigated through the complexities of the Telco market with ease.

Our approach involved leveraging our deep knowledge of Simartis's existing systems to guide the project seamlessly. We employed innovative strategies such as CI/CD pipelines and delta deployments, while comprehensive end-to-end testing ensured business continuity. This resulted in a successful integration of new services while maintaining legacy operations.

Furthermore, we were committed to achieving a microservices-oriented architecture, streamlining the applications for optimal functionality.

Technologies Utilized 

The technology stack included a combination of Java, Front-End (FE), and Quality Assurance (QA). These echnologies formed the backbone of our approach, ensuring that we could provide Simartis with the most effective solutions.

Results Achieved 

Our partnership with Simartis exemplifies the power of innovation and collaborative effort in the Telco industry. Together, we have empowered them to enhance their services, adapt to changes, and meet the evolving demands of their customer base. This success story serves as a testament to the impact of our partnership and the transformative power of technology.

Next step?

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Daniel Șfița